The size of fruiting

The size of fruit has an important role in the development of your fruit tree and in control of its production.

Although’it is not essential, it is recommended when you want a higher return.

At what time do the size of fruit?

The best time is in the heart of’winter, outside periods of frost.
For apple, the pear, the peach and apricot, it is best to prune before the resumption of the vegetation during February.

Which technique to use for a size of fruit?

This size is obviously used as the trees and not trained on young trees.
It must therefore have a solid frame.

  1. Start by removing dead branches, those that intersect and damaged wood.
  2. Remove the old fruit that could have remained on the branches.
  3. We must expose the fruit after cleaning,
    To remove it all branches pushing inward of the shaft. It has no utility and can affect fruiting.
  4. Finally make a size of the main branches going around the tree.
    Without changing the silhouette,
    You cut off the ends, making sure to leave at least 3 eyes.
    You prune above a bud facing out to prevent new growth inward.

Malignant Council About’a good sized fruit:

Once this work, you can apply a healing mastic on larger branches pruned.
This is not essential but it is recommended to avoid any risk of disease!

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