Kalanchoe treat flowering

Kalanchoe or kalankoe is surely among the most beautiful succulents.

L’Maintenance is relatively easy but some advice’watering or size will allow you to still’improve flowering.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Kalanchoe Blossfeld
Family : Crassulaceae
Type : Succulent, perennial

: 30 cm
Exposure : Bright
Ground : Soil

: Evergreen
Flowering : February-April

Plantation of kalanchoe:

Planting and repotting:

This plant s’adapted to mild climates and will therefore preferably cultivated indoors if you fear frost.

  • You can repot your just kalanchoe after’purchase if you l’purchased outside the flowering period.
  • Then, a Repotting annual to’autumn or after flowering used to promote’emergence of new flowers at the end of’winter.

Multiplication of Kalanchoe:

Multiplication cuttings to’fall.

  • Take the’end of the rods 8 and 10 cm
  • Keep them dry for 24 hours
  • Dip the then into the’rooting hormone
  • Plant the seed compost in and cuttings
  • Keep your cuttings in a bright place and heated to about 20-21 °

Care of kalanchoe:

If’kalanchoe the interview is finally easy enough, some gestures allow you to’have a beautiful plant for a long time:

  • Remove faded flowers to As.
    This gesture n’is not essential but allows stimulate’emergence of new flowers.
  • A Potting after flowering in a slightly larger diameter pot will extend the life of your Kalanchoe
  • L’contribution of’fertilizer for flowering plants to prolong flowering and’improve quality.

Watering indoor kalankoe:

  • During flowering, 1-2 waterings per week when the soil is dry.
  • Outside flowering periods 1-2 irrigation every 15 days.
  • In winter, 1-2 waterings per month should be enough but a little more if’your indoor air is very dry and very hot.

In all cases, it is important’wait until the soil is very dry before’water but also to favor a good watering rather than’many small watering.

ATTENTION: The leaves of succulents are loaded water. If s’sag, c’is that’they need’be watered.

Namely the kalanchoe:

Kalanchoe treat floweringNative to Madagascar, kalanchoe, that’kalankoe pronounced, is a beautiful succulent.

Culture and’relatively easy maintenance, there is virtually no difficulty arises.

S’it mainly the fear’excess’water, he also likes to have a lot of light, but especially not hot direct sunlight.

You l’install both pot that’planter, but be careful not to let them reach of children or animals because their leaves are toxic s’they ingested.

Council on the kalanchoe:

L’contribution of’organic fertilizer promotes flowering, we must stop any supplementation during the dormancy period of’October to February.

Kalanchoe treat flowering