Free hedge, defense against diseases

Did you know that’a hedge n’not just the’advantage of protecting from prying eyes, the wind and the noise?

By promoting the multiplicity of species, you also lower the risk of diseases and parasites spread in your garden.

Vary shrubs reduces the risk of disease ...

Composed of a hedge different species and varieties’shrubs virtually no risk of disease.

  • Each species of’shrub has special characteristics that permetteront him to fight against the’one or’other parasites, fungi and other diseases.
  • Multiplying the number of’shrubs, you will come to disturb the enemies of the garden that will lead prefer when to places where they will be much more to’ease, where such monoculture is practiced.
  • By choosing a selection d’flowering shrubs, you will attract a large number of’insects,’birds and other friends of the garden that will have an important role in’ecosystem by feeding on slugs, aphids and other enemies of your plants.

There are a multitude of opportunities to create a flowering hedge.
Here are some great ideas for planting’a flowering hedge.

The creation’a hedge is important:

  • Choose shrubs that grow in your area, they are much more resistant.
  • Vary the species to the maximum. It can also be nice to group 2 shrubs’same variety.
  • Observe well size tips to promote flowering.
  • When planting, do not plant them in a single line, but stagger the shrubs’approximately 80 cm to form a saw tooth.
  • Find all our advice creating’a free hedge

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