Juniperus superb conifre

The Juniperus is a lovely small evergreen tree that’is also called common juniper.

L’maintenance, planting size are easy and’decorative effect is guaranteed.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Juniperus
Family : Cupressaceae
Type : Conifer

Exposure : Sunlight to partial shade
Ground : Well drained, ordinary
Foliage : Evergreen
Flowering : Spring

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Plantation of Juniperus:

The plant is ideally Juniperus l’autumn to facilitate’roots and therefore the recovery in the spring.

But you can also plant spring by spraying a little early.

Know that the Juniperus tolerate almost any soil types and behaves both pretty wet environment that’in times of drought. But it needs’a well-drained soil where’water does not stagnate.

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Maintenance and size of Juniperus:

L’Juniperus maintenance is easy because it requires virtually no care.

There size n’is not too recommended d’as far as what makes the beauty of Juniperus c’is its pretty harbor, that’it either column or spread.

If you need to cut, made on in early’summer and avoid cutting too close to the trunk and prefer a slight size rather than’strong folding.

Namely the Juniperus:

Here is a conifer that s’adapts to both the land under cultivation that’to the culture tray.

Particularly appreciated for its dense foliage and beautiful bark, the Juniperus s’also appreciated for its great resistance to all types of soil and Pollution.

With a large number of varieties and’cash, these are all different shapes and foliage that s’available to us to decorate a border, a rockery, ground cover or decorate a tray on a terrace for example.

Malignant Council on the Juniperus:

The Juniperus has a slow growth, no need of’use to quickly hide from prying eyes.

We can consider that’he s’is really of’a purely ornamental conifers.