Garden mediterranen plantations ideas

An example of a Mediterranean garden presented to the Chelsea Flower Show in 2010.

The English love of Provence and the garden has been very successful. It was designed by James Towillis for’Occitane.

The garden is installed on terraces supported by low walls that Mediterranean gardeners call terraces. Deep in the terraces, the left thyme s’install, or the valerian which is a great friend of the old walls and gives them a little color.

The color palette of the garden is typically based on gray and blue hues resting and cushion the force of light, with red buttons and’orange to energize the whole.

Gray and silver are often aromatic foliage: lavender, sage, mugwort, thyme and rosemary are plants installed along the way to perfume the walk.

The photo was taken in May, blue flowers are those of borage, a beautiful annual that reseed, c’is a honey plant. Subsequently lavender take over the butterfly lavender flowers left already. Another romantic to the Mediterranean garden: the’iris pallida, a native of southern’Europe.

The warm colors of keys are very small for keep a fresh side to’together, the poppy brings much in shape and texture. Can be replaced by worries avens (Borisii or Mrs Bradshaw) who like dry soils and well drained.

L’together gives a bucolic garden, which requires relatively little’maintenance apart refreshing lavender after flowering to maintain their lovely shape. C’is a real good idea of ​​holiday garden!

Where to install this garden? This type of garden should of course be installed in a location sunlight in well-drained soil.

Perennial plants used are quite hardy, but not the trees: the’almond holds up’at -5 ° C and’olive up’at -10 ° C, there must be protection for’Winter garden if you install this non Mediterranean climate.

    • Find these plants at our partner : Mediterranean Garden at Place des Jardins

    Garden mediterranen plantations ideas

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    Garden mediterranen plantations ideas

    Find these plants at our partner : Mediterranean Garden at Place des Jardins