Florifre jasmine, fragrant Indies

Jasmine of India is a beautiful fragrant vine that blooms all l’summer.

Here are the actions that will help you have a beautiful flowering.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Trachelospermum jasminoides
Family : Apocynacées
Type : Climbing shrub
Height 5 m

: Sunlight
Ground : Well drained
Foliage : Evergreen
Flowering : June to October

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Plantation jasmine of India:

Jasmine of India plants indiscriminately, to’autumn or spring.

Apart from these two periods, avoid at all costs freezing periods or high temperatures.

Enjoy the sweet scent of jasmine for’install near’a living or’a window and take advantage of all its attractions.

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The cuttings Jasmine of India is quite easy, it s’performs spring.

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Pruning and maintenance of jasmine of India:

No size n’is necessary but an annual refresh at the end of the’winter promote flowering.

If you want to balance or reduce the branches, do it to end of’winter in all early spring.

Namely the jasmine of India:

Florifre jasmine, fragrant IndiesJasmine of India, originating’Asia and sometimes called star jasmine, takes its name from scent of jasmine that’it emits during flowering.

It offers a beautiful and blooming evergreen throughout the’year and remains a relatively hardy vine.

This beautiful climbing shrub is growing and’easy maintenance.

It allows advantageously cover a wall, but can also s’use ground cover or pot.
Note that if you grow pot it will keep a small size.

Initially hang your star jasmine to a support because it s’clings not alone then let the then s’wrap itself.

Council clever about the jasmine of India:

If you want that’he climbs, help him at first as it will struggle to s’hang himself.

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