Gardening trends and novelties

More comfort in the garden and city in green: our wishes inspire manufacturers.

Focus on products that meet our needs.

Hybrid devices and batteries

Gardening trends and noveltiesAs on the road, hybrid vehicles or electric batteries on the rise in the garden.

Battery mowers impress with their power, their constantly improved battery life (they allow to mow up to 800 m2 of land), discretion and ease of use. Compared to thermal mowers, they need neither maintenance nor wintering and offer greater freedom of movement than wired.

Small appliances such as trimmers also convert to electric or like Ryobi trimmer, are "hybrid", both wired and equipped with a lithium battery, adjust as needed, to gain autonomy as area covered.

Tools comfortable

Gardening trends and noveltiesWhether it is a lawn mower, a spade or shovel, manufacturers have developed ergonomics of their products.

A real selling point for gardeners looking for comfort, hoping to avoid breaking your back or getting tired too quickly.

Equipment and tools are designed to fit the size of each with adjustable handles and an adjustable handle.

Thus, in the new Xact range of Fiskars, spades, forks and shovels are equipped with two different heights sleeves to choose according to the size of their owner.

Everything for gardening in the city

Gardening trends and noveltiesLast real trend of those years, the desire to inspire urban garden manufacturers.

Stackable pots, planters storey, square tables and filling of land ... Everything is done to help the urban gardener to cultivate baby vegetables and aromatic in his yard on his balcony or windowsill.

Countless news, both clever and aesthetic - trellises for climbing plants, green walls, planting bags, mini fountains, etc. - designed to revegetate the smallest space.

Specific tools are more compact and lighter, are also emerging. There is even now a breeding ground specially designed for balcony plants, two times lighter than a conventional soil and high water retention (Algoflash).

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