Heart of the garden back garden of formerly

Cottage garden

All full of wisdom and charm, the cottage garden has scents of paradise lost.

How to recreate this outdated atmosphere?

Cottage garden Principles

Attached to the cure, the cottage garden had to provide the multiple needs of the priest. There were found jumbled vegetables and flowers, fruits and medicinal plants. It is this mixing, organized clutter scientist which will give your garden atmosphere. Crops are arranged in flower beds or massive square rimmed boxwood or thyme.

Start by drawing your borders using a spade or a cord. Mark off small spaces, so your plants are accessible. If you are lucky enough to have a wall, be climbing nasturtiums and sweet peas with pegs. Arrange hollyhocks and sunflowers at the foot of which you will plant Wallflowers and galliards. Remember Gooseberries, cassis and Raspberries.

Between the rows of vegetables, sow immortal and forget-me. Plant a square of herbs, mint, verbena, sage, savory and angelica. You can try absinthe, nice hardy plant but very high, to whom he should be spared some space. Take pride to ancient vegetables Zealand spinach, chard, squash ...

Place of rest and meditation

Heart of the garden back garden of formerlyA cottage garden must invite contemplation. At the corner of a massive can be installed an enabling bench to rest. If stone is ideal, otherwise, choose a wooden bench like squares. Specialists manufacturers moods of yesteryear offer basins and watering cans zinc, new replicas of old, and have the advantage of sealing. Over a driveway, place an iron arch beneath which you plant a climber or honeysuckle under which it will be good to go. A discount tools be practical and will be part of the decor.

Fill the frame flower beds where your seedlings rise at ease. Under the spout, place a barrel water collector of rain. If you are lucky enough to have a well, have a clematis climbing around the winch. Along walkways, have flower pots, terracotta, where you will grow lavender and geraniums. Enjoy a wrought iron gazebo with obsolete effect is guaranteed! Finally, if your garden is large enough, a pool will add a refreshing note.


Visual Credit: Leroy Merlin