Ilokyou, a new social network of Object Count rental and service

We tested for you ILokYou!

Online on April 11, ILokYou is as the first social network renting’objects and services between individuals.

Riding the wave of collaborative consumption, which is growing tremendously now.

Ilokyou, clear potential for the garden world

At first glance, ILokYou not revolutionary. Yet it is clear that this new concept has nothing to do with the existing.

IIlokyou, a new social network of Object Count rental and serviceLokYou is a social network not a classified ads portal.

Rental searches are automatically sent to registered rental companies, based on the criteria informed by each.

The members then provide a conversations system, very similar to the operation of the SMS or MMS (private and IM conversations, exchange of text and pictures, acknowledgment messages, etc.).

ILokYou deals as well as the service object, what seems he is a first.

A database of over 5,000 objects and services that can be searched was formed, which are automatically linked to their corresponding category.

ILokYou seems quite suitable at the time actuelle, marked by economic and environmental crisis. In the garden, we perceive at once the interest of not being forced to buy a tool that we will not use often or lease its own business or skills to make them profitable. This new concept should attract many of us very quickly.

Find directly here the site Ilokyou