Immortelle Italys Hlichrysum curry plant

L’d immortal’Italy (Helichrysum) is a shrub as well aromatic plant, very interesting also for its pretty little yellow flowers’gold.

Mediterranean plant, it is rather grown as an annual.

In short, that’you should know:

Name: Helichrysum italicum
Family: Asteraceae
Type: Perennial

Height: 50 cm
Exhibition: Sunny
Soil: Ordinary

Foliage: Persistent
Flowering: June to October

Plantation of’D immortal’Italy:

L’D immortal’Italy and helichrysum like rather arid, the well-drained soil and situations very sunny.

Conversely, the’d immortal’Italy hate the cold and snow as it n’will not survive.

  • On the plant’d immortal’Italy to’fall or spring, unimportant.
  • Multiplication cuttings in summer.

Size’D immortal’Italy:

No size n’is really essential to’provided that’D immortal’Italy has a relatively slow growth.

But to keep a compact habit and a dense tuft, you can prune in late’winter so as to give it a nice shape.

Namely on’D immortal’Italy:

L’Helichrysum is bushy and s’suits perfectly clumps of perennials, but also to the pots.

  • Easy to grow, she particularly enjoys marine environments.
  • It wafts by’odor’spice curry that’it gives off.

Helichrysum takes its name from the Greek ‘helios‘ which means sun ‘chrysos’Which means gold thus referring to the yellow color of’Gold flowers.

If it is nicknamed Immortelle c’is because its flowers have dried a lifetime such that’it becomes immortal...

His gray foliage, bright enough, can sometimes recall that of lavender.

Using the’Helichrysum:

The leaves are used for flavor dishes because its flavor s’similar to that of curry.

Caution nevertheless do not swallow the leaves because they are indigestible and can cause digestive disorders

We also use this plant to make essential oils or for its medicinal.

Malignant Council about the’Helichrysum:

If you dread the plants that require too much’maintenance, choose’helichrysum.