If tree hedge and topiary

L’yew is renowned as a beautiful conifer hedge.

On the’appreciated for its persistent green foliage, dense and equipped with’some finesse. 

Here are our planting advice, size and’care for beautiful yew.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Taxus
Family : Taxaceae
Type : Conifer

 : Up’to 16 m
Exposure : Sunny shadow
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

 : Evergreen

While planting a yew:

L’yew is an evergreen tree is usually planted as a hedge, and from the beginning of the’autumn, but it can also be planted up’the March-avrithe outside periods of freezing.

In isolated, c’is a tree that can take the’magnitude, it should therefore be taken when planting in that c’it has room to grow.

  • L’yew love rather sunny or lightly shaded situations.
  • L’if like well-drained soil.
  • in hedge Provide a distance of 80 cm between each yew.

After planting your if it is appropriate to’water regularly for 2 years to facilitate’roots and therefore the recovery.

Size yew:

L’Yew is a tree that loves to be cut and that can even be shaped as desired topiary.

If no size n’is performed, the’if can measure up to 20 high for the larger species.

For a hedge of’if, you choose the cutting height you want as well as’thickness.

  • The size of the’if takes place end of’summer or early spring.
  • Good size late August will guarantee itself only a perfectly controlled growth.

There size of spring is done by rising sap and accelerating the growth of’if  s’shaft. L’yew tree being a relatively slow growth, this solution is sometimes preferred when’he s’is d’a hedge.

  • You can also our size advice’a hedge

Watering’an if:

L’if n’is not a very demanding in terms of tree’watering but still deserves some attention, especially at first.

  1. Water regularly after planting during the first 2 years.
  2. Water then prolonged drought, and only if if you see your suffering.

Diseases and pests affecting ifs:

L’yew tree is quite resistant to most diseases and fungi and can live for several hundred’years or more.

  • If some branches brown and die, it should remove and burn them as.

Namely on’if:

If tree hedge and topiaryOriginating’Europe and’North Africa, the’Yew is well known for the formation of persistent hurdles but it has also often been used as an ornamental garden.

Ideal for the enthusiast’topiary, it leaves shape perfectly and longevity as its robustness make it an interesting alternative to the famous boxwood, sick more often.

It is also reputed to be a great windbreak ready to withstand all storms but also prying eyes.

Attention l’if is a toxic plant, its berries are absolutely inedible and all parts of the’tree are concerned.

Malignant Council about the ifs:

In hedge, think carefully about waist height to determine the planting distance of yew! Maintain a distance of 80 cm to 1 m for conventional hedge of’about 1.80 to 2 m high.

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