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L’ Hydrangea is undoubtedly’one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs.

Culture and’easy maintenance, hydrangeas marvel throughout the’summer with their beautiful flowers ranging from pink to blue.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Hydrangea
Family : Hydrangeacées
Type: Shrub
Height: 1 to 2 m

: Partial shade and shadow
Soil: Earth mixed with ericaceous
Foliage : Deciduous

Flowering : June to October

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Although plant a hydrangea:

L’Hydrangea plant preferably to’fall. It is essential to plant it in the land of heather, especially if your soil is limestone.

Choose a location partially shaded , c’is’assurance of’have a beautiful flowering shrub to give your every chance to thrive.

Purchased pot or container you can plant the plant up’spring and even in summer avoiding periods of frost and high temperatures.

Keep a distance of 80 cm to 1 m between each foot if you want that’they take the’scale.

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Hydrangea indoor:

Upon end of’winter, there are potted hydrangeas for the’inside our houses and apartments.

The right thing to maintain a hydrangea indoor:

  • Favouring one place rather fresh, bright but no direct sunlight
  • Above 21 ° flowering could s’interrupt.
  • Water to maintain the always moist soil but without flooding the roots

After flowering, what are the solutions?

  • If you can not plant it in the ground and outside, it is no need to keep the, it does not flower again
  • L’Ideally, put it in the ground in the heathland around April or May it bloom again l’following year

Pruning and maintenance hydrangeas:

If’Maintenance is really easy and virtually no care claims, a annual pruning will allow you to’significantly improve flowering.

  • After flowering, remove dead flowers in as
  • Trim preferably hydrangeas after frost, the March.
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Namely on’Hydrangea:

Hortensia all boards dentretienThey are found in most gardens and almost anywhere in the world.
Originating’Asia, they usually bloom from early’was at the end of the’fall.

Apart from the varieties with white flowers, Flower color depends on the’acidity of the soil in which the plant is installed.

Thus, the more acidic the soil, the flower will be more blue. This means that’hydrangea planted in the land of pure heather will have much more chance’be perfectly blue.

It will pink to red for neutral or rather calcareous soils.

If you have a wall facing north, made a climb climbing hydrangea.

Common diseases and parasites in the’Hydrangea:

L’Hydrangea is fairly resistant but still has some weaknesses that cause disease.

If white balls appear on the stems, it s’is undoubtedly pulvinaires mealybugs.

  • Scale insects: Fight and bio treatment

If a white mold appears leaves setbacks, c’is probably the result of’powdery mildew

  • Powdery mildew: control and bioremediation

If your soil is too limestone your hydrangea may turn yellow and show signs of fatigue.

  • It is then enrich the soil with a fertilizer for hydrangea and add maximum surface peaty soil.

Malignant Council on hydrangeas:

Bring a organic fertilizer for heather plants or hydrangeas every year promote flowering.

Even if’No fertilizers’is not mandatory, it significantly improves the quality of the flowers and accentuates the blue tint hydrangeas.

Sulphate’aluminum in liquid solution will also give a blue tint to your hydrangeas

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