Holly does not racyless

Holly is a shrub that grows wild in most areas and that everyone knows for its pungent foliage.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Ilex
Family : Aquifoliacées
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Evergreen
Flowering : May
Fructification : November to March

Plantation holly:

If’Holly has found in all regions c’is that’it is capable of s’accommodate all types of climates. It tolerates All types of land and resistant to most weather.

It is preferable plant to’autumn to promote’rooting but you can plant up’Spring avoiding periods of frost.

  • Holly tolerates sun but prefers’shade brings him the wooden trees and forests
  • He likes some moisture and freshness in the ground
  • Regular watering in spring and summer is important the first year after planting.
  • Follow us planting tips.

Holly Size:

For Holly, no size n’is necessary’as growth holly is relatively slow.

However, you can give it the shape you want without problem.

  • The best time to prune holly is at the end of’winter.
  • Not not prune to’autumn otherwise you will not enjoy its beautiful red berries.
  • Use gloves because his quills may hurt you.
  • Avoid putting the holly compost because its leaves are very tough and would take a long time to compost.

Namely the holly:

Holly does not racylessWell known for its very prickly leaves, holly is both original and decorative.

Bearing fruit in different colors depending on the species, it offers little bays with’autumn remain on’shrub throughout the’winter and will do happiness birds and especially blackbirds.

Red berries are carried by the female plants that require the presence of’a male foot to be fertilized.

Holly berries are instead toxic to’man.

Holly at Christmas:

Its foliage is evergreen and c’is what makes it an excellent decorative foliage for Christmas Its shiny and leathery leaves are very decorative, resist twisting and manipulation required for decoration.

Holly is also a sign of good luck when’it's hanging on the crown door during the Christmas holidays’year.

Malignant Council on holly:

For fruit, should be planted 2 feet, a male and a female ...