Dintrieur Hibiscus, Rose of China

L’Hibiscus’inside that’is also called China Rose offers a beautiful long lasting flowers.

Flowering plant par excellence, it is easy’although some maintenance tips s’necessary for lasting flowering.

Here are all the advice’maintaining your hibiscus’inside.

In short, that’you should know:

Name Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Family : Malvaceae
Type : House plant’inside

: 0.4 to 1.5 m
Exposure : Bright
Foliage : Persistent indoors

Flowering : March to November

  • If you are seeking advice on‘althea, Hibiscus’outside, c’Here

Planting and repotting of’Hibiscus:

If you buy your hibiscus flower, do not repot the plant as this may disrupt. China Rose also like to feel at’close.

  • The Repotting s’generally carried out in March, prior to the resumption of vegetation.
  • Choose a pot’a very slightly larger diameter.
  • Make a mixture of loam and peaty soil
  • Put gravel or balls’clay pot bottom for facilitate drainage.

Can plant a hibiscus’outdoors inside if your climate allows. Indeed this plant from freezing

  • Then choose a sunny and sheltered from the wind
  • Plant your China Rose in a mixture of compost, garden soil and heath land.
  • L’hibiscus that grows well in our climate is’althea or purple tree

Multiplication of’hibiscus : Cuttings in the spring or summer.

Maintenance, size of’Hibiscus’Inside:

L’hibiscus be d’more beautiful and blooms if you prune in early spring

  • Perform intaglio remodeling slightly the figure in March.

During the period cafin stimulate growth and foster a spectacular flowering.

Watering of’Hibiscus:

Dintrieur Hibiscus, Rose of ChinaWatering of’hibiscus in the spring and summer:

C’is this period of growth that water needs are greatest. Nevertheless, it is essential not to flood the roots and dry the Terree between 2 waterings.

A 2 waterings per week is often enough

Watering of’hibiscus in’autumn and winter:

Where’hibiscus between dormant, begin to reduce watering in order to adapt them to room temperature.

  • In addition it is cool and at least the plant needs’water.

Diseases and parasites in the’Hibiscus:

L’hibiscus tends to wilt and leaves to turn to the’Inside:

  • C’is often too much heat or too much sun exposure
  • Bassinez possibly the root ball in the’non calcareous water

The leaves are sticky and tacky and small insects invade sheets:

  • C’is an attack of aphids, here how to fix it

The leaves have a light down white and fluffy :

  • C’is probably an attack of cochineal here advice and treatment

The leaves fall abnormally and sudden manner:

  • C’is an excess’water, it must wait until the soil is dry on the surface between two waterings
  • Avoid currents’cold air or sudden temperature changes

The buds fall before’hatch:

  • C’is often linked to very dry
  • Avoid proximity’a radiator or’too sunny window
  • Place the pot on a pebble bed or balls’clays slightly covered’water

Malignant Council about the’Hibiscus:

To stimulate flowering, remove faded flowers to As.