Pampas grass a Gramine gante

L’Pampas grass is’one of the most majestic grass plants.

With its large flower spikes, it advantageously decorate the gardens.

Ideal for decorating large spaces, see the advice of size and’maintenance ...

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Cortaderia selloana
Family : Poaceae
Type : Grass, perennial

: 1.5 to 4 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : September-October

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Plantation of’Pampas Grass:

Preferably in the spring or the’Fall in a soil mixed with compost.

  • L’Pampas Grass loves the sun
  • It is very sensitive to the nature of the soil
  • Multiplication division of the tuft in the spring.

Size’Pampas Grass:

It is your keep or not inflorescences and foliage in winter because it can be cut or otherwise preserved.

But’Pampas grass can quickly become invasive So if we do nothing here our size tips:

  • Fold the shorter end of the’fall when the leaves and inflorescences have dried.
  • Mulch the foot with dried leaves if’severe winter in your area
  • In areas with mild winters, you can just cut to 50 cm from the ground without protecting the pid

Namely on’Pampas Grass:

Pampas grass a Gramine ganteVery decorative and can even become spectacular, this perennial offers beautiful floral stalks and stubble can measure up’4 m high.

It can be invasive but still remain very ornamental.

It is found in both isolated and c’is that’it is best development individually but if we have a lot of’space, we also love train large bodies’Pampas Grass.

When planting, avoid planting too close’a hedge or’a neighbor because we not imagine that’it can become as impressive!

Malignant Council about the’Pampas Grass:

There pozzolan goes well with’Pampas.

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