Beans all culture tips

Bean, which has many varieties, is a vegetable very easy to grow.

L’Maintenance is made of little things that will help you have a good harvest and avoid diseases.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Phaseolus vulgaris
Family : Fabaceae
Type : Annual

: 40 to 400 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Light, not too wet

Harvest 2 to 4 months after planting different species.

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Bean seedlings:

The bean planting takes place in the spring and summer

  • topril to August for green beans
  • April-June for beans shelling

Not until the Mid-May for regions further north, but we can begin in April if you live in the south.

  • Not until the end of all frozen before planting and soil should have a temperature of 10-12 °.
  • If you fear the return of some frost, protect your seedlings
  • Space to planting in time to prolong the harvest up

Technical bean seedlings:

We must sow when soil temperature exceeds 15 ° and ideally 18 °.

  • Sow in line and clarify about 40 cm in poquet at a rate of 4/5 seeds per hill.
  • Beans grow very poorly in a compact and clayey soil.

Spacing of seedlings:

Regarding the varieties kidney beans, it is easier to grow because it n’need not’be staked.

  • Space your online sowing 4-5 cm minimum
  • Dig furrows 2 or 3 inches deep and place a seed every 4 cm
  • Space each line of 40 cm

Regarding varieties oar, snap and shelling

  • Seedlings poquet at the rate of’a planting hole every 40 cm
  • Space each line 70 cm minimum

After the lifting:

About 15 days after emergence it is good to butter up the earth’the first two sheets

  • Take this opportunity to hoeing and repeat the’operation as soon as the soil becomes hard surface
  • Attach the oars for rowing beans to drive up.

Technique to fix the beans on sticks:

Beans all culture tipsRowing beans can reach 3 meters high and therefore it is important to give them a support for climbing and focusing.

The technique is to plant the rowing’2 rows outside, tilting towards the’inside and linking the top with a horizontal string.

Trains shall be 3 meters high and must be bamboo or hazel for the weight but also’humidity.

You will install reams every 40 cm so that the beans can cover the entire surface.

Bean harvest:

How to know when is the right time to harvest the beans so that’it is neither too walls, nor too young?

  • You reap the green beans when reached half their final size, then they are 12 to 15 cm long.
  • Do not wait until the skin hardens to harvest the beans.
  • If harvested too late, they will become stringy which is unpleasant to eat ....

For other types of beans such as mangetout, wait grain formation.

Harvesting frequency beans:

It should ideally harvested beans every 2 to 3 days in order to’have a good rotation and allow the plant to continue producing correctly.

We will space a little harvesting Snapbeans (about every 3 days)

Bean Conservation:

Conservation of beans is not very long unless freezing.

  • 2 to 3 days in a cool and dry place
  • In the freezer for several months without problem.

Pests and diseases that affect the kidney:

Main Diseases affecting the beans are l’anthracnose, rust and grease.

  • L’anthracnose is characterized by’appearance of brown spots on leaves
  • There rust is characterized by’appearance of orange-yellow task (like rust) on leaves
  • There grease which is in fact a fungus and is characterized by’appearance of yellow spots on the leaves

The best treatment against these diseases remains Bordeaux mixture spray preventively and background processing when’it is hot and humid (particularly after a period of rain)

With respect to parasites, include aphids, slugs, spider mites or the famous bean weevil.

Malignant Council on the bean :

  1. The bean is sensitive vaultsr and therefore calls for plenty of sunshine.
  2. Avoid too heavy watering because this plant do not like humidity.
    So you choose a limited irrigation when the soil is dry.
  3. Rich in vitamine, beans also have a very good nutritional value making it an excellent side dish.

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