Hamamlis florifre and original

L’Witch hazel is a gorgeous shrub that blooms in winter, in January.

Size and’maintenance are gestures that will improve flowering and growth.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Hamamelis
Family : Hamamelidaceae
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 5 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Rather rich

: Deciduous
Flowering : January to March

Plantation of’Witch Hazel:

Planting of’Witch hazel is preferably to’autumn to promote’rooting before’winter.

Purchased pot or container you can plant outside the’autumn, avoiding periods of frost or high temperatures.

  • L’like witch hazel sun, mainly Winter, but he fears it if it is too hot the’summer
  • A light shade, l’afternoon in summer, is ideal for this tree
  • By installing your witch hazel to’sheltered from cold winds you will continue flowering
  • Follow our tips planting shrubs.

Witch hazel pot:

If you have the chance’have a terrace that can accommodate a large pot, you can cultivate’Witch hazel pot because its slow growth allows it’be grown in pots.

Note also that the’hamémélis is particularly resistant to cold and container gardening is therefore appropriate.

  • Make sure you’have good drainage
  • Fill the pot’good soil
  • Bring the’fertilizer once a year
  • Water when high heat or prolonged drought because pot water needs are more frequent

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Maintenance, size of’Witch Hazel:

L’Maintenance is easy and hardiness makes it almost immune to most diseases but also to attacks’insects or pests.

  • No size n’is really necessary’so that its growth is relatively slow.
  • However, if you want to rebalance or reduce the branches rather wait until flowering.

Watering of’Witch Hazel:

It should be’Water the regular’when hamémélis’it is hot and during the first 2 years after planting.

In winter, so really there is no rain and the soil is dry, water outside periods gel to ensure good flowering.

  • In the summer, always prefer an evening watering to prevent the’water s’evaporates.
  • In winter, water rather day.

Good associations’shrubs with hamamelis:

This tree enjoying the acid earth is n’not hesitate to’Partner with ericaceous evergreen plants such as camellia, the Azaleas, the rhododendrons or the heather.

It will also be in perfect company with Loropetalum which also blooms in winter.

Namely on’Witch Hazel:

Hamamlis florifre and originalThe flowers of’Witch hazel are remarkable for their originality and don’they appear in the very mid’winter.

If’Hamamelis loses its leaves in’fall, therefore adorns beautiful flowers toned citrus in the month of January.

These are the flowers that will eventually superb foliage’deep green.

D’maintenance and easy Culture, this shrub particularly its place when’it is planted alone but can also very well the’imagine in the middle’a mixed hedge.

  • It is considered’one of the finest winter-flowering shrubs and no one should contradict him!

L’Witch hazel is perfect for a small garden because, besides the fact that’he has a reasonable adult size, its growth is relatively slow.

Note that at the end’it is quite insensitive to diseases and pests making it very easy for a tree’maintenance.

Benefits of’Hamamelis:

Witch hazel is aujourd’hui widely used in the composition of many drugs through its soothing for the skin and in particular’eczema, its action on the circulation, varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

Malignant Council about the’Witch Hazel:

Mulching based’pine bark is recommended.

L’acidity that’they contain promotes the development of’Witch Hazel and maintain the’humidity.

  • Find our here selection’Hamamelis and’winter-flowering shrubs