Guide the mulch mulching minral

Both very decorative, mineral mulch is 100% natural.

This ultra trend is also an ideal solution to the problems of weeds and water requirement.

Do we find in garden mineral mulch?

YES, it is found in garden centers in different forms, and among the most common:

  • Shale
  • Pozzolan
  • The beads’clay

It is suitable for all kinds of massive Trees, shrubs, green or flowering plants, potted plants,’inside or’outside.
It is particularly recommended for the rock garden, conifers and decks.

The benefits of the mineral mulch:

  • 100% natural
  • Sustainable and indefinite life Decoration
  • Neutral pH
  • Limits the’evaporation’the water’and thus was the’spray
  • Prevents growth of weeds
  • Protects against winter frosts

Malignant Council on mineral Maillis:

L’recommended thickness is 4/5 inch mulching. Thus, you warrant then all the advantages mentioned above!

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