Guide the mulch mulching vgtal

Always d’100% natural, plant mulch, and more’be extremely decorative, has the distinction of’be an excellent fertilizer.

Will broadcast its decomposition in the soil of nutrients essential for the proper development of the plant.

You can even set sub-layer’mineral mulch to enjoy the benefits of’and one of’other.

Plants and plant mulch

It is ideal for Mulching clumps of green and flowering plants and especially for the annual and biennial.

But it is also perfectly suited to trees and shrubs, roses, gardens, heather plants and botanical gardens.

The advantages’plant mulch

  • D’100% natural
  • Fertilizes the soil and avoids’using’fertilizer.
  • Seasonal ultra trendy decoration
  • Limits the’evaporation’the water’and was therefore l’spray
  • Prevents growth of weeds
  • Protects winter frosts plants

The different materials of plant mulch

Product trend and 100% organic, plant mulch is available in different materials:

  • Bark
  • Flax
  • the cocoa shells
  • Wood chips

Malignant Council on plant mulch

Mulching is 100% organic and used in organic agriculture.

Frequently using this solution, you will improve the development of your plants and bring a decorative touch to any massive and your garden!

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