Geraniums good care of them-1

Geranium delights our gardens and terraces throughout the’summer.

Planting and potting, the’maintenance and size, you will d’significantly enhance flowering.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Geranium or pelargonium
Family : Geraniaceae
Type : Vivace

Height 20 cm to 1m
: Sunlight
: Ordinary enriched loam
: April to October

Planting geraniums:

  • Tubs and planters,
    You can plant the geranium in the month of March-April in regions mild climate, but it will get them in case of frost.
    Not to take risks, wait for the least frost them out rather to the May.
    When planting in planters, use potting soil, Special preferably geraniums.
  • In the ground in your garden,
    Hold On end of April even the Mid-May in the northern regions to develop and bring a Special support geraniums Culture your land.
    Keep a 30 cm between each plant.
  • Multiplication of geranium,
    This plant is easily propagated by cuttings or seedlings under shelter.
    Cuttings work will begin as soon as end of’summer by taking cuttings from stock plants or spring the recovery of the vegetation.
    Find our cuttings of geraniums Advice
  • It will s’will be in the month of February for varieties that can be propagated by seed.

Geraniums good care of them-1

Pruning and maintenance geranium:

  • No size n’is necessary.
  • Remove faded flowers to as because they unnecessarily draw on the reserves of geranium.
  • Yellow leaves are common on geraniums, remove them as you go.
    Warning, this may also be related to an excess’water. S’there are many, wait until the soil is dry before’sprinkle with the’organic fertilizer.

Have beautiful flowers geraniums:

L’fertilizers geraniums is particularly suitable for this plant if you want improve flowering.

It will also consider water regularly, especially s’they are in direct sunlight as geranium requires a lot of’water.

Wintering: keep geraniums in winter:

Geraniums good care of them-1As everyone knows, geranium do not frost and it will retract the early frosts.

If you let outdoors for its pot, the gardener or full land during’winter, it not grow back the following spring unless that’it freezes not in your area.

It is therefore essential to keep them in a cool, airy place but especially frost.
C’Thus the guarantee’a good wintering your geraniums.

You then have two solutions:

  1. For geraniums in pots and planters :
    - You go planters in a cool, dry and light before the first frost.
    - The ideal storage temperature is between 10 and 15 °.
    - You cut the stems of about 2/3.
    - You reduce the’spray and can even totally stop d’watering during the summer months’the coldest winter.
    - You take the’watering gradually from February-March and you come out your flowers in spring.
    L’ideal at this time c’is d’perform a potting geraniums a new ground just before the out.
  2. For geraniums in the ground:
    - You pluck the geraniums before’arrival of the first frost,
    - you and isolate the’root tip and trim the branches of 2/3 their length.
    - You Store in a cool place bright up’to’arrival of spring.
    - In spring, you replant open land in a mixture of soil and compost.

A knowledge-geranium:

Geranium, that’should d’elsewhere normally called pelargonium, is well known to bloom most of our gardens, but also our windowsill planters, balconies and terraces.

Both decorative and very widespread in our country, this flower with 5 petals seduce you early spring to’to frost.

There are over 200 species and varieties geraniums; l’maintenance is the same for each of’between it and all will give you satisfaction.

Council on geraniums:

To stimulate flowering, bring the’Special organic liquid fertilizer in early spring geranium and repeat the’operation in early’summer.