A climbing very fragrant wisteria-1

Glycine is a wonderful climber, the generous and deliciously fragrant bloom.

L’maintenance, size or’watering are all steps needed to improve flowering.

Try it and you'll love ...

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Wisteria
Family : Fabaceae
Type : Creeper

: 5 to 15 m
Exposure : Ensleillée
Ground : Ordinary

: Deciduous
Flowering : April to June by exposure

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Plantation glycine:

It is recommended to plant spring or to’autumn in a soil mix the garden, loam and’Amendment manure and seaweed type.

You can also plant during’summer on condition’water regularly and’avoid periods of high heat.

  • Glycine needs a lot of sun to bloom profusely
  • Pointless’bring the’fertilizers, glycine n’not needed and may even encourage the foliage at the expense of flowers
  • Follow us planting tips

Multiplication of glycine:

  • The cuttings is easy to glycine, take the opportunity to multiply
  • there technique of layering is also very easy with glycine

The glycine seed sowing recovered in the pods can result in a seedling but be aware that this technique is long before even the first flower show, it may take 10 to 15 years ...

Size, maintenance glycine:

The size of the glycine is very easy and should be performed every year at the risk of your glycine gradually invade its territory.A climbing very fragrant wisteria-1

She s’carried throughout the dormancy period, the leaves fall up’at the end of’winter.

Do not prune during frosts.

  • Flowers appearing on the stems of’previous year, so it is important to prune the new shoots of’year to promote flowering.
  • In winter, prune side shoots by leaving that’one or both eyes.
    This is to leave only the main branch and cut short all stems that depart’it.
  • Delete to as the wilted flowers because their seeds are poisonous.

Driving glycine as a tree:

When’Purchase glycine is generally formed of’one long rod giving itself more branches.

To drive glycine tree must be staked this long rod with a sufficiently large guardian. If you want your trunk is 1.5 m glycine, choose a guardian 1.5m high but does not exceed 2 to 2.5 m maximum.

  • Attach the main stem to tutor closer to’fixation using eight sold in garden centers but avoiding son that could compress the trunk
  • Then cut up all the side branches’develop your upper trunk read
  • Renew’operation as often that’it is necessary for each occurrence of new branch
  • Allowed to develop the latest top branches
  • To prevent the branches from the top s’sag under their weight, cut 2 or 3 eyes (just above d’an eye towards the’outside and upwards)
  • Thus, new branches will grow gradually as you taillerez 2 or 3 eyes when c’is necessary
  • You have formed the backbone of your glycine

Wisteria leaves that turn yellow:

If glycine is somewhat prone to diseases, it is more common to even the leaves turn yellow.

If this happens to’fall, do not worry, c’is normal because glycine loses its leaves in winter.

But if the leaves turn yellow or fade in summer the problem is often related to the nature of the soil, resulting in chlorosis

  • Glycine dreads too calcareous soils, heavy and / or clay
  • Make iron sulfate to your soil

A knowledge-glycine:

Glycine has beautiful flowers in form of clusters of 30 to 40 cm purplish blue.

Perfect for climbing pergolas and arbors other, you will be amazed by its abundant flowering and the freshness of its shelter during the heat of the’summer ...

  • Glycine has also the great advantage’be very fragrant.

Malignant Council on glycine:

Be careful not not too amend and fertilize the soil as this would promote the development of the foliage of glycine and reduce flowering.

  • So avoid the’contribution of’fertilizer if you want flowers

Malignant gardener will also tell you that’must not thwart the direction of development of glycine within the guide with wire for example.

  • Let the climb at ease while maintaining the stems near the surface with a wire because they do not bind themselves.

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