Gloxinia flowers all in interior lt

Gloxinia our interior amazes with its magnificent bloom.

The planting,’maintenance,’watering or repotting, are parameters that will participate in the success of your gloxinia.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Gloxinia speciosa
Family : Gesneriaceae
Type : Perennial plant of’inside

: 20 to 30 cm
Exposure : Partial shade
Ground Enough rich soil

: Evergreen
Flowering : May to October

Planting, potting gloxinias:

It is recommended planting tubers early spring in a mixture of potting soil and heath land.

  • Tubers should arrive almost at surface to’avoid rot.

Repotting s’done in the spring, in April in general.

  • Fully replace the earth with new soil.
    Mix potting soil for flowering plants with ericaceous

Prefer a bright location, but light no direct sunlight, especially during the hottest hours.

You can install it beside a African Violet because they are part of the same family culture conditions are the same.

Multiply a gloxinia:

  • Division tubers in spring.
  • Or multiplication by Cuttings in summer

Pruning and maintenance of gloxinia:

Remove spent flowers regularly to encourage’new breakouts.

Watering inside the gloxinia:

  • It should be’water regularly but without excess.
    It should also Fogging leaves often enough to maintain a good level of’humidity.
  • At the end of flowering (October), gradually decrease the’watering up’to’completely stop when the leaves are dead.
    Respect their period’wintering by putting it in a cooler room (10-15 °) and dark.
  • From February / March, start watering by installing your plant in a warm room (18 to 22 ° C) and light
  • From the May you can put it outdoors, never in direct sunlight but with good light.

Fertilizers and gloxinia:

The gloxinias have need’fertilizer throughout the growing season, from March to September.
C’is’assurance of’have a beautiful bloom during this period.

  • About every 15 days, bring the’liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.

Starting in September, gradually reduce the’contribution of’fertilizers and stop everything from’October.

Gloxinia after flowering:

Once dead flowers, it is necessary reduce’spray up’that the sheets are completely faded and fallen.
Once that’he n’there was more leaves, put your gloxinia in cool, shady and rather dry.

The ideal resting temperature is around 13-15 °.

At the end of’winter, repot the tuber in a new soil and repeat the’regular watering.

Upon’appearance of the first buds, water well and that your party gloxinia for a new flowering.

Namely on gloxinia:

This beautiful perennial, native to Brazil, offers a generous flowering during much of’year.
Maintenance is relatively easy if the rules mentioned above are met.

  • N’Feel free to bring him lots of light while avoiding direct sunlight.

Malignant Council on the gloxinia:

Sensitive enough aphids, one method is to plant 1 or 2 cloves’garlic at the foot of the plant to repulse them.