Glaeul rediscover a flower-1

Gladiolus is one of the most beautiful bulb flowers.

Planting and’maintenance of gladioli from spring to’winter, are made of small gestures that will enhance flowering.

In summer you can enjoy beautiful flowers and winter care is taken to keep the’frost ...

In short, that’you should know:

Name Gladiolus
Family : Iridaceae
Type : Bulbous

: 50 to 100 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : July to September

Planting gladioli:

We plant gladiolus in spring and to early’summer 10 cm deep in respecting a d-spacing’20/25 cm between each bulb.

For a beautiful bloom, choose a location rather sunny and fairly light soil.

  • See our advice planting bulbs
  • How plant bulbs in a flooded or loam ?

Maintenance of gladiolus:

This bulbous prefer hot spots otherwise it does not flower.

  • So choose a full sun location.

Its flowers are particularly beautiful, making it the Featured cut flowers.
Gladioli are also beautiful plants solid or border when’they are planted in small groups.

You can also grow them in line for the production of cut flowers and carrying bouquets.

Improve flowering gladioli:

A Regular watering and’contribution of’a fertilizer for flowers will allow you to’have a spectacular and abundant flowering.

Gladioli to’autumn and winter:

When the foliage has yellowed and not before, cut short.
Gladioli need to see the leaves turn yellow to form their reserves for the next flowering.

At’fall, tear, dry and clean the bulbs to’Using’brush, store in a cool, dark place during’winter for replanting the following spring.

If the weather permits, and that the’Winter is mild, you can the leave open land throughout the’winter.

Council for malignant gladioli:

For the realization of’a bouquet, remove the upper buds because they s’open ever.