Easy and robust Gazania lt all

The gauze is a flower’First, thanks to its beautiful summer flowering but also’surprising ease as it is robust.

Without watering flowers you throughout the’summer!

Name : Gazania splendens
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Vivace

: 10 to 35 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Flowering : May to September / October

Plantation of gauze:

Opt for planting in spring in a mixture of soil and compost.

  • Emphasize a place well in the sun for beautiful flowers
  • Avoid heavy ground, a better light soil
  • Water lightly just beginning

For seedlings, perform a seedlings under shelter in February-March, transplant once for the current bucket to April and put in place in May.

  • Sowing n’is not always easy, beginner s’abstain ...

Pruning and maintenance of gauze:

L’gazania maintenance is almost zero but flowering will be to’more beautiful if you:

  • Plant in potting soil for flowering plants
  • Remove faded flowers to order as not to exhaust the plant and stimulate’emergence of new flowers.
  • Baste occasionally your Gazanias if they are potted
  • Possible contribution d’fertilizer for flowering plants during the season

Knowing about the gauze:

Easy and robust Gazania lt allThis perennial pretty grown as an annual in general has very beautiful colorful flowers in the yellow colors, orange and very well cut shapes.

It is grown in solid perennials, border or rock garden but also for your balconies and terraces.

What makes it special and popularity of gauze, besides its beautiful flowering c’is that’It tolerates drought and n’therefore no need’be watered.

Qu’it is potted, solid and even in the middle’a rockery, its decorative effect is guaranteed!

Malignant Council on the gauze:

The gauze love the sun and fears nothing the heat!