Gaillarde color clatantes

The chirpy is a perennial with a fine bloom, original and generous.

Throughout the’this flower was serving hot and bright colors making it a very decorative plant.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Gaillardia x grandiflora
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Vivace

: 30 to 70 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

Flowering : June to September
Maintenance : Easy

Planting la Gaillarde:

Although planting galliards:

For purchased plants bucket or container, prefer spring planting in a mixture of earth and special soil or flowering plants geraniums.

  • Prefer good sunny situations
  • Maintain a distance of 30-40 cm between each foot.

Sprightly seedlings:

You can also perform a sissued up in May or June, it is very easy to succeed!

You can gather the seeds that are in the flower heads when’they are wilted,

  • you make them dry,
  • you store during’winter in an envelope to’sheltered from’humidity
  • you plant them in the spring, the result is guaranteed!

Maintenance, size of the chirpy:

The chirpy is perennial in the Mediterranean climate but is grown as an annual in most other regions.

A beautiful flowering of’year on year’other being hard to get, you have to cut short the end of’been without waiting for the fall flowering.
You will guarantee the reserves necessary for the plant to enable it to bloom again the well’following year.

  • Otherwise, fold the shortest d after flowering’fall in November.

The chirpy is very rustic in the sense that it does not afraid of diseases.

Namely the chirpy:

Gaillarde color clatantesThis perennial has great color in red and yellow hues, warm and bright, which blend perfectly with the various green plants.

In massif, on the edge but also planter, you give a nice touch of color to your garden or your terrace.

If you do not pass the galliards’winter c’is usually because that’they n’will not survive the frost. Some galliards are therefore considered annuals.

A little’story about Gaillarde:

The name Gaillarde was awarded by Denis Auguste Fougeroux Bondaroy in 1786, in memory of’one of his amateur botanist friends, Gaillard Charentonneau.

He s’also acts of’floral emblem of Wallonia in Belgium.

Malignant Council about the chirpy:

When you process or if you want stimulate flowering, use friendly products’environment.