Rustic and dcoratif Funkia

The Funkia is a perennial offering of discrete and pretty spring flowers at the end of the’but it was’is its foliage is most famous.

In pots or in the ground it is easy’maintenance and will quickly seduced by its many qualities.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Funkia
Family : Lily
Type : Vivace

: 20 to 80 cm
Exposure : Partial shade and shadow
: Rather rich

Flowering : May to September
: Deciduous

The funkia is’another name for the’Hosta

Planting Funkia:

That’you have to know first of all c’Funkias fear is that too hot or too sunny situations.

  • For Funkias in bucket or pot, plant preferably in the spring.
    Maintain a distance’30/40 cm between each plant.
    Bring your land possibly an amendment manure type and seaweed and mix it with loam.
  • Multiplication division of the tuft in the spring or the’autumn every 3 to 5 years.

Maintenance Funkia size:

L’Funkia requires little care.

  • No size n’is necessary.
  • L’Maintenance is minimal, c’is a very easy to grow plant.

Watering Funkia:

The Funkia, being a plant of’shade or partial shade, prefers cool soil, but the dread’excess’humidity.

  • Avoid heavy watering to avoid making it too wet soil.
    Prefer a regular but limited watering.
  • Pot, more regular watering l’was necessary to maintain the damp earth.

If slugs invade Funkia:

Often slugs invade Funkias because we know that’they are fond of foliage and shaded areas.

  • The most appropriate and timely treatment is the dispersion of slug pellets based Ferramol.
    The most organic way

Namely the Funkia:

Forming beautiful multicolored oval leaves, Funkia also has lovely white flowers or sometimes blue-violet.

From rapid growth, it even has a tendency to spread, making it a very decorative ground cover.
It will also have a place chosen any solid or planter.

From known varieties include:

Blue Angel, France Williams, Honeybells, Wide Brim, Golden Tiara, Fire and Ice, Francee, Undulata or Golden Sunburst.

Malignant Council on the Funkia:

Be careful not to crash the Funkia sunlight because it needs to cool in summer.

Read on perennial:

  • Multiply your perennials by division of the tuft.