Frangipani a true wonder

Frangipani is a shrub used indoors for its beautiful flowers and great decorative power.

L’maintenance requires some care, whether at the level of’watering of’location or prevent disease.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Plumeria
Family : Apocynacées
Type : Vivace

1.5 m indoors but sometimes 10 m in its natural environment
Exposure : Sunlight or light
Ground : Pretty rich and well drained

: Semi evergreen
Flowering : Summer

Planting, potting the Frangipani:

Indoors, frangipani cultivation requires a relatively rich soil and thus’a good potting soil.

If you want to plant a Frangipani, wait for the spring and choose a sunny location.

  • But beware, this plant is native’Central America and s’therefore not fit to n’any climate. The temperature should not never fall below 5 °.
  • Prefer well-drained soil to prevent stagnation of’water
  • One can mix potting soil with river sand (80-20%) and put balls’clay pot base to improve drainage

Frangipani Size:

No size n’is really needed.

Remove faded flowers to as to stimulate’emergence of new flowers and avoid’exhaust the plant.

Watering frangipani:

Frangipani requires very little’water in winter but regular watering in spring and summer, especially if it's hot.

C’is the prerequisite for that’it flourish.

  • In winter, he even be let the soil s’drain completely.
  • Gently watering is taken in the spring, when the leaves begin to s’open
  • In the summer it regularly sprayed, preferably with the’non-calcareous water rain (or mineral water)

Maintenance of frangipani:

Frangipani a true wonderThe Frangipani is quite easy and requires very few’maintenance.

Indoors, apartment, you will choose a much brighter place sunny and ideally a good part of the day.

You can s’set up to’outdoors during the’summer, May to September or October, avoiding excessively hot places as it may dry out the plant and too abrupt a change may stress her.

To flower well, frangipani needs’a contrast between two seasons, the dry winter and wet summer.

Common disease of frangipani:

If you distinguish a heap white cottony, it s’is undoubtedly cochineal.
This parasite s’installs when’atmosphere of the room is too dry and high temperature.

  • Visit our advice card to eradicate cochineal

It may also be that the frangipani facing rot when the soil is too wet.

N’sprinkle only when the soil is dry and make sure your pot does not leave the’stagnant water from the roots, it must be well drained and holes at the bottom.

Malignant Council on the Frangipani:

One can use the flowers edible for decorating dishes, desserts and salads.