Freesia colors and scents

Freesia is a beautiful flower bulb, both very decorative and fragrant.

L’maintenance, planting at the waist, is quite easy and often enchanting result.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Freesia
Family : Iridaceae
Type : Bulbous

: 25 to 60 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Sandy and light

Flowering : July to September or February-March (pot)

Planting’a freesia:

If your climate permits, plant the bulbs in early spring, around February-March, about 3/4 inch deep.

In case of risk of frost, prefer freesia pot and hold the pots in’away from the last frost.

Freesia loves the sun and soil rather rich but mostly well drained. This plant is relatively sensitive to cold, it prefers l’the warmest and sunniest spot in the garden.

  • Observe spacing 5 to 10 cm between plants.
  • Form small tufts of 5 to 10 of freesia bulbs
  • For flowering in February-March, plant potted bulbs (5-6 per pot) to’Fall and keep them in a place sheltered taking care to water them.

Maintenance and freesia size:

Whether you are experienced or novice gardener, freesia is for you because it requires only little’maintenance.

But beware, some care is necessary, however, to extend the flowering and prevent disease.

Watering and fertilizer:

Throughout the growing period and up’complete yellowing of foliage, water when the soil is dry but not excessive because the freesia fears’humidity.

  • 1 weekly watering in hot weather is recommended
  • A contribution of’liquid fertilizer for flowering plants or bulbs is necessary every 15 days
  • We stop to’watering when the leaves are completely wilted

Size freesia:

The size of freesia n’is not essential but it can afford to’improve flowering.

  • Cut off the faded flowers as
  • Cut the leaves only when’it is yellow because it n’would have no time to build its reserves for the next flowering.

Freesia in winter:

Freesia is not resistant to frost and must be kept frost-l’winter. Often grown in pots, it is this easier to keep the bulbs to’freeze.

  • Once the dry leaves, bulbs and filling operations separate
  • Keep the bulbs in’protected from light, cool (but frost) and in a well ventilated area

Namely freesias on:

Trumpet flowers form in clusters at the end of’a flower stalk and brighten the garden of vibrant colors like red, purple, yellow or white depending on the species.

Also note that is particularly fragrant freesia and enters the composition of many flavors.

Its name dates from 1866 and was given by the botanist Ecklon in honor of a German doctor called "Freese"

Malignant Council on freesia:

By planting at least 30 bulbs per cluster, you create beautiful colors tasks in your garden!