Fern tips dentretien

The fern is a pretty perennial and persistent plant with many varieties.

Outdoors or indoors, it is easy’maintenance and culture.

Name : Dryopteris
Family : Dryoperidacées
Type : Perennial plant and d’Inside, green plant

: 30 to 120 cm
Exposure : Shadow and light shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Evergreen

Planting ferns:

D plant’Inside, you can make the Repotting throughout the’year.

Then use a potting soil and put a suitable bed beads’clay at the bottom to improve drainage.

  • Outside, repot in spring.

Size of the fern:

Cut the dried leaves or yellow in as.

Namely the fern:

Ferns have the particularity’be persistent, but also come to dress our walls and thus keep them fresh all the’year.
So difficult to’pull up the plant as it s’attaches to its holder.

D plant’Inside, you will choose for its beautiful foliage and ease’maintenance.

Only a supply of’organic fertilizer for green plants need 1-2 times a year.

Malignant Council about the fern:

Indoors at’outside, avoid too much sun exposure.

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