Ficus ideal for interior

Ficus benjamina is probably’One of the favorite plants of all and deserves that’they bring him the greatest care.

Here are our tips for a beautiful ficus and avoid diseases.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Ficus Benjamina
Family : Moraceae
Type : House plant’inside

3 m indoors, outdoors 30m
Soil: Loam Plants’inside
Exposure : Bright without direct sun
Foliage : Evergreen

Namely the ficus benjamina:

Ficus is’one of the most experienced shrubs d plant’inside.

It is valued for its aesthetics but also for his great capacity’adaptation to domestic our homes and our apartments.

The term Fig Ficus means and of nearly 1000 species that different’is also found in different forms, whether shrubs, trees and even vines.

In France we find a variety of shows like plant of twenty’Inside, the best known and most common being ficus benjamina. But there is also the Ficus elastica known to rubber and ficus retusa, often grown as bonsai.

Maintenance ficus:

Once in place, and if’No one’will not affect too much, the ficus is a relatively easy plant to’maintenance.

Ficus wonders however attention on exposure, his watering and changes sudden temperature.

  • It must be located in a bright room, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • It should be watered when the soil is dry, but without excess and always with the’water at room temperature.
  • At Last, avoid moving too often, because it will take time to s’adapt to its new environment.

Diseases of the ficus

  • Ficus that sheds its leaves:

Enough common in the ficus, it is normal when’he s’These are regular losses and in limited quantities.

In case of leaf loss, check that’it is well watered and possibly perform a surfacing.

  1. This can also be linked to a change’location or pot.
  2. It may also missing light, in this case give it more light.
  3. Finally, the ficus hate currents’air and that may be enough to make him lose its leaves.

It should quickly regain strength.

  • Ficus leaves that turn yellow:

C’is often the result’a to attack’spider.

  1. It will then be enough to dealing with a biological acaricide sold in garden centers.
  2. Avoid chemicals, especially of plant’inside
  • White pustules on the leaves that become sticky:

C’is usually the result of mealybugs. Ficus leaves are infested with’white clusters sticky and tacky.

  1. Find how fight against mealybug in the ficus.
  • White flies that invade the ficus:

These are whiteflies. You can spend your ficus in the shower, which should solve the problem.

But if your ficus n’not transportable, spray of’water 1 to 2 times per day until’time as whiteflies disappear.

Watering ficus benjamina:

Ficus ideal for interior It is better’wait until the soil is dry between waterings 2.
Water therefore on average 1 time per week.

If’Your air interior is rather dry and summer, you can sprinkle a little more often, but always waiting for the soil to be dry on the surface.

On the contrary, Winter or in case of high humidity, may be spaced somewhat more the’watering.

N’please Spray regularly of’water foliage, this will improve the quality of the foliage and will prevent the leaves dry.

Ficus benjamina Size:

Contrary to popular belief, the ficus is a plant that supports very well the size. If it becomes too high and / or too invasive for your living room or piece’Inside, you can make a big your ficus.

Bring you to’secateurs and follow our size tips:

  1. You can prune once a year, n’any period of’year.
  2. There is no need to fold the branches too severely, a slight size enough.
  3. This will’have a more beautiful and dense foliage.

Malignant Council on the ficus:

With a good size pot or pan and smooth surfacing, you will get a beautiful Ficus benjamina February-March meters high!

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