Fennel sowing the harvest-1

Fennel is a plant whose roots are eaten and whose nutritional and aromatic properties are excellent. C’is a very good vegetable to’summer.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Foeniculum dulce
Family : Apiaceae
Type : Biennial

: 40 to 60 cm
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary to rich

Harvest : July-December, three months after sowing

Planting, seeding fennel:

It is recommended to sow sheltered from the month of March-April and up’in July.

Fennel like land land rather mild, rich and relatively cool.

  • Prefer seedling nursery if you sow in March-April orĀ  seedlings up from the May.
  • Dig furrows 5 cm deep every 20-25 cm
  • Cover the seeds with 1 cm soil
  • Keep the soil moist and continue to water in a fine rain after emergence
  • Once the first leaves out of the ground, lighten to about 20 cm.
  • Set up in the garden after the last frost from May

It should be’enrich the earth with a manure based fertilizer to facilitate growth.

  • It should be regularly butter your plants as and when they grow to facilitate bulbs whitening
  • We stop butter therefore that’is reached 10 to 15 cm high

Harvesting and conservation of fennel:

You can harvest your fennel As your needs depending on the magnification of the apples.

At’arrival of the first frost, pull all your fennel store them in a cool, airy and rather dark.

The best way to keep your fennel then store the rest of the cellar in small crates filled with sand. Without cellar it also remains frozen as a solution.

Namely the fennel:

Fennel sowing the harvest-1Excellent vegetable for its nutritional benefits, but also digestive and antioxidant, fennel comes beautifully accompany most dishes of’summer and aniseed flavors will delight you.

Therefore recognized for its health benefits, fennel is indeed delicious kitchen with a slightly aniseed flavor.

Although’being very common in Mediterranean cuisine, we gradually grown almost anywhere when the climate is temperate.

Finally, not to be confused with fennel’dill because although the two plants are alike and that’often called the second bastard fennel, they are quite different.

Malignant Council on the fennel:

Collect the small grains that’is located at the end of the small yellow flowers and mix your salt.

They will flavor your dishes and especially your fish.