False cypress boards dentretien

The false cypress is a beautiful conifer in’look very decorative.

L’Maintenance is easy and size n’is not mandatory. Proper planting is nevertheless necessaryIn short, that’you should know:

Name : Chamaecyparis
Family : Cupressaceae
Type : Conifer

: 2 to 20 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

: Evergreen

Planting false cypress:

It is best to plant it in’fall to promote’rooting, but you can also plant it up’in the spring, but frost period.

Remember to plant your false cypress in a light, well-drained soil because it fears the’standing water.

A sunny promote the healthy development of your conifer.

  • Follow us planting tips.

Size, maintenance of false cypress:

You can even 1-2 times if c’is necessary. Wash at the end of’winter.

The false cypress supports very well the size allowing to shape it at will and carve as often as you want to maintain its shape.

Namely the false cypress:

Lawson false cypress is a genus of the family Cupressaceae and remains very close cypress, both in its form and foliage.

The false cypress is a conifer that supports very well the cold and frost.

He n’will need’only be watered if the earth n’is wetter.

Exist in a variety of shapes and colors, which also makes it a very attractive shaft’ornament.

During the first season, you can fertilizer input for conifer to promote the healthy development of the false cypress.

Disease and parasite false cypress:

  • Cypress canker

Malignant Council about the false cypress:

It is advisable to mulch, for example’maritime pine bark, at the foot of’shaft.