Make or remake his lawn in 3 steps

In the spring or the’fall, and to create a lawn requires care and attention in the preparation.

It will soon occupy an important place in your garden and c’So naturally this work becomes important.

Follow our tips to quickly have a beautiful lawn:

The steps for creating’a lawn of’a lawn:

1- Soil Preparation:

  • The first step involves turn the soil. Manually for an area not exceeding 100 m2 and with a tiller for the largest.
  • Eliminate the maximum of stones, pebbles, stumps and other pieces of wood to best clean the surface to sow.
  • Ideally incorporate manure type of amendment and algae if your soil is poor and a slow release fertilizer to stimulate root development.
  • Level the soil in order to minimize light clods.

2- Sowing grass:

  • It is important to distributing seeds in a very regular way. You can use to do this an automatic spreader.
  • In all cases, follow the prescribed doses on’packaging and make a crossed seedlings (Once in one direction, once in’other).
    You will put more seeds on the edges of the field.
  • Cover the seeds very lightly with the rake, taking care to always perform the act in the same direction. Ideally, cover of’a thin layer of soil.

3- After sowing, tamp and water the soil:

  • Tamp with a roller to smooth the ground and put all the seeds into contact with the ground.
  • Water as soon as the seedlings regularly performed and then the following day s’it does not rain.
  • When the lawn has taken 4 to 5 cm, possibly ride again to strengthen the roots.
  • Mow as soon as the shoots are 8-10 cm and then roll one last time.

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