Make a bouquet of flowers Sches

Easy to perform, the bouquet of dried flowers offer the’advantage to keep as much as you like.

Dried flowers and make beautiful bouquets throughout the’year.

When dry the flowers?

  • It should pick the flowers in dry and preferably sunny, but never when’it rains.
    You also avoid cutting the plants in the morning because the dew disrupt the quality of drying.
  • S’he s’These flowers and foliage not choose the time when they are most flourished for that’Once dried, they can keep their best shine.
    But you can also cut the plants at different stages for a variety of tones in your bouquets.

How to dry and for how long?

Once cut, the plants must be kept 2 to 3 weeks upside down in a dry, ventilated and not exposed to light. This last precaution is essential to keep your flowers the freshness of their colors.

Which plants for a bouquet of dried flowers:

All plants are dried beings, but some will be particularly highlighted when creating your bouquet.

Thus, the lavender, roses, hydrangeas, the dahlias, l’yarrow or the grasses you will make beautiful bouquets of dried flowers.