Germinating potatoes at the right time

Germinating potato tubers before putting them in the ground can accelerate the growth of your seedlings, d’advancing harvest a few days to a few weeks and’improve crop.

This technique s’not apply to potatoes purchased pre-germinated in gardening and therefore ready to plant.

Sprouting potatoes s’applies to plants purchased unsprouted and potatoes of’previous year.

Germinating potato plants unsprouted

Buy potatoes treated with anti-germ preference.

  • Use a crate or in an egg box
  • Store potatoes in a single layer
  • If a germ exists, it must look to the top
  • Arrange the potatoes in the light, in a dry, cool and Arere
  • The ideal germination temperature is between 10 and 15 °
  • The germination time is about 4 to 6 weeks

Use its own potato plants sprouting

It is quite possible to’use of potatoes’previous year to germinate.

  • L’uprooting is about 4 weeks before harvest potatoes
  • Select potatoes free from illness and vigorous plants
  • Let stand potatoes on the ground for a few days
  • Finally, select the tubers up best, no rot
  • Keep finally in a cool, airy place until’to’following year
  • Around February-March start sprouting as c’is explained above.

A few weeks after starting the germination of potatoes when the soil temperature is d’about 12 °, it is time to put land and do grow your potatoes in order to’a good harvest!

A good way to find the ideal planting period, c’is when germs take a purple color ...