Making liquid manure rhubarb

Natural solution to fight against insects, manure rhubarb s’used throughout the growing season rhubarb.
It is also possible to keep the manure after the maceration for several weeks or months.

Using manure rhubarb, you do something for’environment while treating your plants efficiently.

What is the manure rhubarb?

The manure rhubarb is an excellent repellent against insects including aphids.

On the’also used to fight against the worm or moth leek.

How liquid manure rhubarb?

2 methods are, the’a and’other, a very good efficiency.

  1. Soak 1 to 1.5 kg of leaves rhubarb 10 l d’water for about 72.
    Filtered to keep only the liquid.
    Spray the’Using’spray
  2. An alternative is to immerse the leaves directly into the’boiling water, which accelerates the process of maceration.
    Marinate 24 and spray on your plants.

On what plants use liquid manure rhubarb?

On all plants traditionally affected by aphids.

Include roses, fruit trees such as fish or cherry but much of the flowering shrubs, perennials and vegetables.

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It is also sprayed the leek to fight against the worm leek.

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