Making a compost dappartement tips and tricks

You live in the city and apartment would still be able to make your own compost?

Although it seems impossible at first, the technique of vermicompost will allow you to home compost, true.

Some tips to make your compost apartment.

What is vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting (or vermicomposting) is a technique for make yourself sound indoor compost, and all without odor.

The principle is simple:

  • in a container containing manure worms (Eisenia called Foetidia) you put all your organic waste.
  • These little critters will then eat them and the soil will be created by their droppings.
  • While some are content with a breakthrough trash on their balconies to make compost, vermicompost on gives much faster results.
  • And besides, you have nothing to do, to work for you!

Building an apartment composter:

If lombricomposteurs can be expensive, it is entirely possible to build one yourself.

To do this simply:

  • to bring along five equally sized bins and if possible that fit together,
  • roasting,
  • a cutter,
  • worm manure
  • and some plant material recovered in a meadow next to you.

For Trays, buy simple plastic crates or try to recover the polystyrene packaging for storing the goods from your fishmonger for example.

And depending on the size of your home, the dimensions must be adapted. 2 people must be such as counting 50 cm in length and 40 cm in width. If you are 4 people, you can almost double these dimensions.

Anyway, the height of the bins must in all cases be at least twenty centimeters. Now up to handicrafts.

Here is how should dial your apartment composter:

  • Floor 1 (at the bottom): a tray (you have nothing to do) that will recover the juice
  • Stage 2: a tank with small holes that should not let the worms that contain your compost ready
  • Stage 3: a tank with 10 cm diameter holes covered by the mesh
  • Floor 4: Same as stage 3
  • Floor 5: a tray with the cut bottom that will serve as booster to put more waste (unless your floor 4 is higher than the others).

And above, do not forget to put a lid with a few holes purposes because it is necessary that the worms are protected from light. If you chose polystyrene trays, also consider painting your composter apartment with dark paint for the light does not come inside.

Once your finished compost apartment,

  • put a few leaves and twigs, and a little paper moistened newspaper and earth.
  • You will have what is called a litter.
  • You can then add the worms to compost because of 500g of 2 persons apartment or 1.5kg for a composter 4 people. But at that moment, no matter of adding your waste, worms must acclimatise for a few weeks.

Only then you can place your fruit and vegetable peelings, tea bags you, your coffee pods, your egg shells, etc.

Take still careful not to drop pieces of onion, garlic, fat or meat scraps or fish.