Exochorda the tree with pearls

L’Exochorda is’one of the most spectacular shrubs thanks to its white flowers and abundant spring bloom.

Easy to grow and’maintenance, c’is an ideal solid shrub but also flowering hedge or in a pot on a terrace.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : X Exochorda Macrantha
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Shrub
: 2 to 3 m

Exposure : Sunlight to partial shade
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Foliage : Deciduous
Flowering : April to June

Plantation of’Exochorda:

As most shrubs, it is preferable to the plant’Exochorda to’autumn to promote’rooting before’winter and resume in the spring.

But bought bucket pot or container, you can also easily plant in spring taking care’of water’advantage during the first months, especially the’summer.

  • Make sure you’have a well-drained soil, rich humus for a beautiful flowering
  • L’Exochorda like them sunny situations but likes partial shade in areas with hot, dry summer
  • Avoid too windy situations to protect its flowering in the spring.
  • A good mulch the’been also allow it to withstand drought well

L’Exochorda concerned mainly l’excess limestone So beware of too alkaline earths.

Multiplication of’exechorda:

You can multiply your Exochorda seeding to’fall or spring or layering in spring and summer.

In terms of the cuttings, it is deemed difficult and less accessible than the layering.

Pruning and maintenance of the’Exochorda:

L’Exochorda is a shrub that requires very little care and’maintenance throughout the’year.

Size side

  • Remove dead wood and brittle branches in early spring
  • Wait until flowering to reduce or balance the antlers
  • Avoid too severe sizes, choose the gentle sizes
  • Cut of’about 1/3 of the branches’year

Hand watering,

  • L’Exochorda supports fairly drought but only if it n’is not in direct sunlight
  • Otherwise, sprinkle in case’lack of rain extended
  • Water regularly in your hand Exochorda pot because it dries much faster pot

Namely on’Exochorda:

Originating’Asia,’Exochorda is a shrub of beauty that the English have even called Pearlbush, in reference to its white flowers that evoke pearls.

Both decorative flowering and easy’maintenance,’Exochorda is a shrub that does not lack’strengths and slowly but surely conquer the hearts of gardeners.

L’Exochorda fairly resistant to drought but also with cold hardiness up to -15 °.

Malignant Council about the’Exochorda:

Its growth is slow which makes it an ideal shrub for small gardens.