And if one was gardening with the moon

Gardening with the moon, yes, but how?

Gardeners have always been fascinated by the effects of the moon on their plantations.

Vigor, vitality, resilience: fruits, flowers and vegetables are much more beautiful according to the different moon phases.

So how can we hope to use knowledge of the effects of a distant star?

What can we expect from the full moon days? Back impressions gleaned from the gardeners of the moon.

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Gardening in waxing moon or waning moon?

The phenomenon of waxing moon or waning moon is the easiest to understand and use the garden. Favorable to crop the waxing moon is the period defined between the new moon and the full moon period, which lasts a fortnight.

Is easy to recognize the waxing moon,  it draws a C backwards. During this period, plants more resistant to disease. On the side of the gardener is the euphoria it can cut the plants and pick fruits and flowers that will perform better then. The fruit will ripen for longer and cut flowers in waxing moon will hold better in a vase.

To define a waning moon just observe the bright surface of the star. If we can see a C in the place, this is the last quarter of the moon. At this point the plant sap rushes to the branches, it is the ideal time for fertilization of the earth. More tired, cultures produce at this time of the tastiest fruit in the finest odor.

The days of adverse gardening and days "flowers"

Every conscientious gardener to the moon known to exist days to avoid gardening, called negative. This is actually a left rest grounded.

During Four days each month the moon provides no effect, it may even be wrong: it is 4 days during which individuals Earth and moon are closest or farthest or when the orbit of the earth cuts that of the moon. Let simply rest your garden these days.

Concerning full moon, it is not necessary to expect too much. You can that day more favorably plant your root vegetables (turnips, radishes, carrots....) But that's it. Your crops will also tastier but do not necessarily believe in miracles, you will not see your tomatoes doubled in size!

The day flowers are days when it is best to plant flowers. You can plant your bulbs, repot new plants etc ... The days roots, leaves or fruits and flowers and punctuate the entire month.

You can know the period when you start your organic garden using a lunar calendar that will help you find your way in this long cycle of the moon!

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Example: garden work with the Moon to perform in March

The two first days of March will be waning moon, you can plant in the ground of thegarlic and theshallot, of onions, of potatoes tuber which already benefit from a germ, and Jerusalem artichokes you can harvest from November!

A party of 10 March you can begin to sow within artichokes, of broccoli, of Brussels sprouts and kale.

From March 22-23 you can start sowing your aromatic plants type parsley or basil.

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