Erinose the blister of the vine

L’érinose is a condition that’commonly found in trees but also on the vine and that is characterized by blisters or blisters on the sheet.

Green but in some cases may be red, s’is d’a benign condition that n’is not alarming ...

These are in fact invisible mites in’naked eye, which are housed on the lower side of the sheet.
They create these blisters or blisters with these bites.

Also found on the underside a light white or rosé felting that can turn red brown.


  • No treatment n’is really necessary because the’érinose disappear on its own and shows no decrease in the harvest
  • However, you can deal with curative based on sulfur and organically to’Using predators like typhlodrome.
    But these predators are hard to find on the market while the’impact of’érinose is really limited.