Name Acer
Family : Acéracées
Type : Tree

Height : 15 to 25 m
Exposure : Sunny, not hot
Ground : Ordinary

Foliage : Void
Flowering : February-April

Plantation of’Maple:

Choose a sunny or slightly to’shade.
Follow us planting tips and maintain a good level of’soil moisture in mulching s foot’tree in the early years.

The root system is very dense, so it is advisable not to plant this tree too close’a house or even’terrace.


Remove dead branches and ensure that’it remains well ventilated.

Namely on’Maple:

L’Maple is known for its uniquely shaped leaves and very flamboyant colors during’fall.
It grows quickly and otherwise hardiness makes a tree capable of s’adapt to all environments.

The flowers, which usually appear at the end of the’winter, are yellow, orange or red.
Beekeepers know that the’Maple is an important source of nectar for his bees.

If’Maple is the symbol of the 58 years of marriage in France, it is also one of the Canadian flag.

Diseases and parasites of’Maple:

  • Anthracnose

Malignant Council about the’Maple:

Before treatment to believe’environment because the treatments on’tree is not always necessary and rarely required.