Spinach crop 1 advice

L’Spinach is a vegetable both easy to grow and provides the’advantage of sowing early in the season.

L’Maintenance is easy and often generous harvest since that’there takes some care.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Spinocia oleracea
Family : Amaranthaceae
Type : Vegetable annual

: 20 to 30 cm
Exposure : Partial shade
Ground : Rich enough

Harvest : January to December

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Sowing, planting of’Spinach:

Culture in the ground spinach:

We sows up of spinach March to May for a summer harvest or seedlings’August-September for the winter harvest.

Perform a row planting respecting a depth of 2 to 3 cm to the seeds and lighten from the’first leaves appear at about 10/15 cm.

  • When you sow, it is preferable’use potting soil to cover the seeds.
  • Do not hesitate to amend the soil with compost before planting
  • Water in a fine rain after planting and, this, until’the lifting
  • After each shoot well risen, lighten 10/15 cm which usually means removing plant 1 of 2
  • The land must always remain slightly damp

Pot culture spinach:

Here is a vegetable that grows well in a pot on a terrace or balcony.

Ormis seedlings s’carried out as in the ground, it must ensure that the land will never dry out and therefore water regularly.

Maintenance and cultivation of spinach:

Spinach hate drought and hot weather.

It is therefore important to mulch the ground in summer to maintain’moisture and also to protect the first winter frosts.

If you were to suffer from spinach mosaic, c’is to say that the foliage takes different colors, pluck the diseased plants and make them disappear.

Harvest spinach:

Spinach crop 1 adviceCulture is spinach easy and fast. You can reap the 1 ½ months after sowing.

By focusing on picking a few leaves regularly, you will promote the’emergence of new shoots. If you tear the whole plant, she does not grow back.

Spinach can be eaten fresh or cooked and cultivating the self gives them a flavor other than that’we know him ...

Conservation spinach it is preferable to freeze after crudely leaves.

Malignant Council about the’Spinach:

L’Spinach in need’a rich, moist soil, it is smart to’use mulch type linen or cocoa shells to avoid’evaporation, enriching the soil and prevent weeds ...

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