Japanese Maple-1

Name Acer japonicum
Family : Sapindaceae
Type : Tree

: 8 to 10 m
Exposure : Partial shade
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Deciduous

Plantation of’Japanese Maple:

L’Japanese maple is plant to’fall but can also be planted in the spring.
Promote the development of’tree by putting a Mulching at the foot of’shaft.

Size’Japanese Maple:

No size n’is recommended

Comments on’Japanese Maple:

As its name’suggests, this maple is native to Japan.
He flamboyant hues to’autumn, c’then is a feast of colors from the end of the’summer.

Diseases and parasites of’Japanese Maple:

Black spots

Malignant Council about the’Japanese Maple:

He likes acidic soil.
A basic mixture of topsoil, loam and peaty soil suits him perfectly!