Eleagnus beautiful evergreen shrub

L’Eleagnus is a beautiful shrub of’ornament.

L’maintenance, planting and annual pruning are all actions that will enhance the growth of your Eleagnus.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Elaeagnus or chalef
Family : Elaeagnacées
Type : Shrub

: 2 to 4 m
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade
Ground : Ordinary

: Persistent or spent
Flowering : May-June

Plantation of’Eleagnus:

It is best to plant the’Eleagnus to’autumn but’Eleagnus perfect tolerance of’be planted throughout the’year s’it is bought in pots.

  1. If you plant in winter or during l’summer, avoid periods of frost or high temperatures.
  2. L’Eleagnus love rather sunny situations.
  3. He fears waterlogged soils’water.
  4. A mixture of compost and garden soil is recommended when planting.

In hedge, Observe a minimum distance of’one meter between each shrub.

  • In all cases, prefer well-drained soil and follow our planting tips.


Eleagnus beautiful evergreen shrubIf you want increase the number of branch and make denser, you can lightly prune the’shrub in the early years of’about one third of the shoots of’previous year.

L’Eleagnus can carve in early spring or has the’autumn.

L’Eleagnus resists also very well all forms of size, even if they are severe.

One can also give a different form, for example in a ball, without embarrassment development.

  • Follow us size advice shrubs.

Namely on’Eleagnus:

At the same time ultra resistant and very aesthetic with its golden or silvery, l’Eleagnus is back among the preferred plant our gardens.

Persistent varieties offer also the’advantage of giving the light flowerbeds or your hedges throughout the’year.

At’autumn, you will enjoy’a gentle and discreet flowering, fragrant and honey.

Council for malignant’elaeagnus:

L’n elaeagnus’not appreciate excessively humid lands.

Avoid that’shrub stagnating in’water as it may perish.

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L’Eleagnus is often misspelled, here are the mistakes to avoid: Eleangnus, eleangus, elaeagnus, heleagnus.