Maritime pine bark mulch good

L’maritime pine bark is’One of the most used mulch and more sold in France.

She is out of the pines and its production is located mainly in the south west of France.

It has various advantages including quite diverse uses.

What are the maritime pine bark:

  • To decorate the massive and plantations.
  • Save waterings.
  • Limit weeds.
  • Avoid’erosion and’evaporation.
  • Resist the wind.
  • Protect the roots against cold and frost.

With bark, plants thrive in a land without weed, loose and airy, maintaining good humidity.

  • Plants and have a faster and more abundant flowering growth.

Its pH is usually running around 4.5 making it a relatively acidic product.

  • This feature makes it an ideal mulch for ericaceous plants Rhododendron, azalea, camellia, hydrangea or heather

With its mulching Indeed,’bark prevents dirt form an impermeable crust and allow your plants to take full advantage of their irrigation and nutrient intake.

  • This will benefit your particular geraniums, annual Massive and planters, with roses, perennials and various shrubs.

Council bark:

  • Spread a layer of’about 5 cm’bark on your plants and repeat this operation every year.
  • Decorative and protective effects are guaranteed!

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