Deutzia a beautiful flower shrub

The deutzia is a wonderful spring flowering shrub.

Good planting and’maintenance improve the growth and flowering of deutzia.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Deutzia
Family : Hydrangeacées
Type : Shrub

: 1-3 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

: Deciduous
Flowering : May-August

Planting deutzia:

Deutzia a beautiful flower shrubFor planting deutzia, it is best to plant to’autumn to promote’rooting and resumed in the spring.

You can also plant them deutzias pot outside this period, avoiding periods of frost or heat.

The deutzia like situations rather sunny.
It likes rich, well drained soils, c’is that’it blooms best.
L’contribution of’an amendment when planting improves recovery and’rooting.
Water well during the first 2 years after planting.

Multiplication and rooting of deutzia:

The deutzia multiplies easily by cuttings of branches, c’is the most simple method of multiplication.

Cuttings of deutzia at the end of’summer on the semi-ripened wood c’ie n’have not yet hardened, but not browned being hardening phase.

  • Collect twigs deutzia about 15 cm.
  • Remove the lower leaves so as to keep that’2 or a pair (s) of sheets.
  • Plant the cuttings in special soil cuttings or a mixture of peat and river sand.
  • Maintain moist substrate.

Before’winter and the first frost,

  • Protect your cuttings with a tunnel, a greenhouse or other means to keep them at a temperature greater than 5 °.

In spring,

  • After all risk of frost in mid-May, transplant into higher size bucket.
  • Planting your deutzia cuttings open land will be held at’following fall.

Pruning and maintenance of deutzia:

Once in place the deutzia requires relatively little’maintenance. However, it requires some care, both in terms of the size of’watering to improve flowering and growth.

Size deutzia:

  • Prune the branches of’year, about half, after flowering.
  • To reshape or reduce your deutzia an annual size l’summer after flowering, is quite possible.
  • A carved deutzia frankly can put more’one year but it bloom again’is sometimes necessary after plusiuers years.

Watering and supply of deutzia’Fertilizer:

  • Regular watering during’year of planting is recommended to promote the’rooting
  • L’summer, when high heat or drought, you can water the morning or evening
  • For deutzia pot, watering is necessary when the land becomes dry because the needs are greater that’in the ground.
  • In spring, a contribution of’fertilizer for flowering shrubs significantly improve flowering.
  • Over time, the needs may become increasingly important, it will be necessary to renew’operation 2 to 3 times in’year.

Namely the deutzia:

The deutzia has a beautiful flowering in spring that will last for much of the’summer.

This shrub is very decorative not less rustic, which makes it a very easy and accessible shrub for all gardeners.

The genus includes deutzia sixty’species. It flowers from white to rose-purple depending on the variety.

  • You l’use both in hedge, solitary, that’Solid d’shrubs.

Malignant Council on the deutzia:

In the spring, put mulch at the foot of’tree and you will avoid the growth of weeds and thus the’using’herbicide!

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