Digital spectacular flowering

Digitalis is a beautiful summer-flowering perennial flower.

She has a beautiful decorative effect and is ideal solid background thanks to its large size.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Digitalis
Family : Scofulariacées
Type : Vivace

: 100 to 120 cm
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

Flowering : June to August

Plantation of digital:

Purchased bucket, you will prefer a planting to’Fall respecting a spacing of 30 cm between each plant and mixing your soil with compost flowering plants

  • Plant at least ten feet close for a nice effect
  • Water regularly after planting
  • They are back to their benefit plan’a massive thanks to their height

Seedlings, perform a seedlings up from May and up’in September.

  • If you leave the flowers, the plant reseed spontaneously

Size, maintenance of digital:

Remove spent flowers without cutting the whole stems to stimulate flowering

  • Handle with gloves because all parts of the flower are toxic

In case of extreme heat or prolonged drought do not hesitate to sprinkle foot the plant at night.

Namely on digital:

This beautiful perennial has large flower spikes adorned with pretty flowers bell-shaped.

It is easy to grow, requires little’maintenance and’effect is guaranteed, both flowering is spectacular.

  • Flowering is usually more spectacular from the 2nd year

You can also cut a few stems of flowers and put them in a vase, as they s’to lend perfectly.

Malignant Council about digital:

Stake larger stems to avoid that’they fold under’wind.

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  • Multiply your digital by division of the tuft