Tomatoes without guardians

Grow tomatoes without guardians allows an abundant harvest: a plant will give you the equivalent of three staked feet.

All without effort.


First condition for success growing tomatoes without guardians, have space in the garden, as a foot develops over a surface meter. Varieties with limited growth - Felicia Ferline the cherry tomatoes, the olives - suitable for this technique.

Once planted, your tomato plants take their ease to grow. The main stem will root all over its surface, and the plant will develop many leaves, two assets that will ensure the best conditions to grow.

A good mulch

Plant your tomato plants from mid-May, it's enough for a late summer harvest will until the first frost. Add a handful of nettles crushed in each planting hole and water once or twice to ensure recovery.

Unless you have a rocky or sandy soil, it is recommended to cover the feet of a dry mulch (straw, wheat, flax or grass clippings) to isolate them from moisture that would rot the fruit. You can also use crates or wooden pallets laid on the ground. This culture can also be practiced in greenhouses, remaining dry soil, tomatoes develop it well.

Low maintenance

Once installed your feet, you can carve the first two wreaths of leaves to keep only the lower ones. Then let the rods run on the ground. Allow reasoned watering once every fortnight with a drop by drop if the weather is dry.

To ensure the success of your culture, it is better to do one or two preventive treatments against mildew as staked on foot. That's it. You will not have to predict or size of attachments to ask. The feet will crawl and cover the ground of their many leaves that smother weeds.

Minimum maintenance for a bountiful harvest!

M.-C. H.

Visual credits: Truffaut Gnis / Y Lanceau