Anti-drought friends

Tired of spending your summer water your potted plants?

Choose plants that do not fear the lack of water and the problem will be fixed!

Skip to daily watering a weekly watering even every two weeks is at hand by selecting plants that do not have large water requirements.

From dry regions, they are recognized by their narrow leaves, leathery, silky or silver or, conversely, fleshy to store water.

Plants without watering or almost

In addition to the iconic olive and lavender, many flowering shrubs only need towatering per week. This is the case of cistus, the oleander, theorange Mexico, the perovskia, the Potentilla. Theescallonia or simply grevillea, themselves, towatering every 15 days.

Complete the scene with climbing: bignone, dipladenia, ivy and star jasmine are among the least species "soiffardes". Add perennials, such asspurge, the coreoptis, the gaura, the Nepeta, The Phlomis the sedum ... Complete with aromatic flavors of the South: laurel sauce, myrthe, rosemary, santoline, savory, sage, thyme, curry plant ...

And if a watering every week is too much for you, adopt succulents, these plants camels can survive with a single drop of water, such as joubarbe, theecheveria and Crassula.

Properly installed anti-drought plants

Safe and stews, offer your plants optimum conditions. This involves choosing a good loam, nutrient-rich, with a layer of effective drainage and a container large enough.

In terms of pots, keep in mind that the clay absorbs some of the water, it is necessary to provide watering a little more. The metal or plastic pots heat the roots, use wood or wicker pots seek to isolate them. Along the same lines, avoid dark containers that capture heat.

Mulch the surface of the soil to retain moisture and group your plant pots to create a bubble where larger plants protect their small shadow. Finally, note that there are "grains of water," tiny ultra absorbent polymer beads that you can incorporate into the soil at planting (count 1 gram of grains per 1 liter of soil). By capturing the irrigation water, they keep the soil moist longer.

Laure Hamann

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