Easy plants for a healthy indoor

By having a green plant every ten square meters you cleanse the stale air in your home.

Choose among the easiest plants to’maintenance.

The ferns are plants that are easy and recognized for their qualities’Clean’air. To give them look great, regular cut dry fronds.

You can combine with other plants to which they bring their abundant greenery in the wild charm.

Spathiphyllum, also called "moon flower"

Easy plants for a healthy indoorIt has an evergreen glossy green absorbs many indoor pollutants (ammonia, acetone, carbon dioxide, benzene ...) contained in paints and varnishes but also in cigarette smoke.

It prefers moist atmospheres and find its place in your kitchen or bathroom, even if they are poorly informed.

Find tips culture of peace lilies

The ficus is a classic:

He is one of the most cultivated plants in apartments. There are over 1,000 species, the most common being the ficus Weeping (Ficus benjamina).

He likes the brightness and do not appreciate too dry atmospheres: keep it away from heaters in winter; -fog leaves the hot days in summer.


The ivy has a preference for fresh and brightly lit environments. You can suspend or let the climb to the’Using’guardian.

To make it last, give moderate watering during the growing period (March to October) and almost zero during periods of rest. Pinch new growth to facilitate the development of side shoots.

The chlorophytum

Easy plants for a healthy indoorIt is also part of depolluting plants It absorbs toluene, carbon monoxide, benzene ... Rustic, it supports indirect light.

Place chlorophytum suspended, you will benefit of its small white flowers that develop into seedlings provided with roots and make it easy to share this spider plant easy to grow!

M.-C. H. (Photos: OHF)